A unique, reliable and personal service

TechStretch is a family-run firm set up in 1999 to help local people, communities and businesses with their computer and networking needs. Because we focus on the local community, we are able to provide a unique, reliable and personal service.

We offer a broad range of help for Windows and Linux users, ranging from simple 10-minute online sessions for quick help; diagnosing PC problems and virus cleaning;  to setting up complete office networking environments with remote access between offices and/or your home.

Secure Remote Support

Much of the help we offer can be carried out online using a secure internet connection to your system so that, if you choose, you can watch what’s happening as we fix it, thereby adding to your own knowledge base. This is also a very effective method of carrying out short tutorials, as you need them. You call, we connect and help to sort the problem.

More than just PC’s

We also help with a host of other technical needs including buying domains, setting up websites, blogs and email, installing and using WordPress, setting up email on smart phones as well as general PC maintenance.

Linux installation and help

…. and if you’re caught out on the expiration of Windows XP and Windows 7  support or are getting frustrated with Windows 10, we can install a free Linux operating system on your computer or laptop (or, if you want to roll your sleeves up, we will help you to install it and/or be at the end of the phone as and when you need help).

As Linux has progressed dramatically over the last few years, thousands of users have now left Microsoft and moved over to open-source free Linux operating systems for its stability and a much safer Internet experience.

There are literally tens of thousands of free applications to choose from, including some that you may already be familiar with such as Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Audacity audio editor, OpenShot video editor, Filezilla FTP app, VLC video player and Zoom, many of which have similar or even superior functionality to their Microsoft equivalents.

And if you’re not inclined to ditch Microsoft altogether, you can install a “dual boot” system which enables you to run both platforms on one computer!