Managing cookies in Firefox

Firefox, by default, allows cookies to be set by all websites. We advise installing the “Cookie AutoDelete” extension so that you can control which websites can save their cookies on your system. You only really need to allow cookies from sites that you want to interact with, such as sites that you need to log in to for shopping, banking, webmail, for example.

Installing Cookie Whitelist
  •  Open Firefox
  • Tools > Add-ons.  Then choose Extensions from the left hand side.
  • In the Search box on the top, right of page – type “cookie autodelete”.
  • Find “Cookie AutoDelete” (by the CAD Team) and click it Then click the “Add to Firefox”.
  • You need to allow the permissions it asks for;  click the Install button when it’s ready.
  • It will open an info page/tab in the browser (which you can close or ignore).
How to use Cookie AutoDelete

Once this extension is installed, a button is added to the top-right of your browser to allow easy control over cookies.

Click it to open a drop down panel of the controls.

All you have to do here is click the red button on the left which says “Auto-clean disabled”.  When you click it, it will turn green and say “Auto-clean enabled”. You can now close the box (for the moment!) by clicking the top-right button (which will now be red, indicating that cookies are not being stored for the page you’re on).


For each website you visit, the cookies will now automatically be off (red cookie button) so no action needed until you want to whitelist or blacklist a website:

  • In that case, click the cookie button in the top-right of your browser From the dropdown, you can click the appropriate whitelist/greylist button(s).  The button will change colour according to your choice, allowing to to see at a glance your chosen cookie choice for that site.

RED – means that cookies have not been allowed

BLUE – means that you’ve whitelisted the site

YELLOW – means you’ve greylisted the site.  This allows the site to be used for a session, but the cookies will be cleared when you close the tab/page.

It’s also very easy to remove the whitelisted/greylisted sites from the same place so don’t worry if you change your mind about a website!