PC Support

It’s amazing how quickly the computer has become an essential part of our everyday lives over the last few years – which is exciting but can also be a pain when you can’t work out how to do something or when your PC or laptop starts behaving strangely.

PC Problems?

Whether your system is dead, keeps crashing or is running slowly and feeling rather old, we can help. Such systems usually indicate either a hardware failure, such as a full or faulty disk, or a virus, trojan or malware which may have found its way onto your machine. We have restored many PC’s from “dead” but where that’s not possible or viable, we can usually retrieve your files and emails from the old hard disk and put them onto a new disk with a new or reinstalled operating system.

Our approach is flexible and we aim to work in a way that is convenient for you. This may involve a visit to you, or you may prefer to bring your computer to us. Where applicable, we can also help across the internet.

Remote connection to your PC for help or short tutorials

If you have an internet connection, we can help to fix your computer across a secure remote connection, which means a fast response to your problem. You’ll even be able to watch how your problem is solved!

We also use this technique to assist you when you need a little help with your computer skills. Sometimes a short session online can save you time and tears! Most tasks are not difficult – it’s just a matter of being shown how … see Tutorials

PC Tune-Up

Think of your computer like your car – it is a well tuned machine that needs to be regularly maintained to keep it running and in good working order. Programs, such as your operating system, internet browsers, email, Adobe Reader and Flash all need to be kept updated to protect you from the most recent discovered vulnerabilities.

We can apply some tried and tested tweaks that will make your computer start up and run faster by deleting unwanted system files and removing unnecessary background processes. You’ll be surprised at the difference!