Playing DVD’s in MX-Linux

Assuming that your DVD drive is in working order, it will almost certainly be recognised when inserting a data disc into it. However, it may need a couple of tweaks to enable it to play a DVD movie.

Install codecs to help with the translation of the video media:
This is made very easy using MX-Tools. Click the “Whisker” icon in the bottom-left of your screen and type “Mx tools” in the search bar under your name. In the “Setup” section you will see “Codex Installer”. Click this to run it, enter your “root” password and click OK to accept legal responsibility for this non-opensource package. You only need to install the codex’s once).

Open VLC player
Then click “Media” and choose “Open Disk” from the list. This should open your DVD.

However, if it throws an error, open your file manager. You should see the name of the disk in the left column. Double-click it and in the right column you will see a couple of folders:

Drag the VIDEO_TS folder into the VLC window.

To automatically open DVD movie videos with VLC when you insert them

Open the Whisker-Menu (bottom left of your screen)
Choose Settings -> Removable Drives and Media
-> Tab: Multimedia
-> Video CDs/DVDs:
Click to enable: “Play video CDs and DVD’s when inserted
-> Command: vlc %d
-> Click Close
The above settings will make open VLC automatically on inserting VideoDVD and start playing the Video in VLC.

If you’re still having problems, this 3-page MX-Linux forum thread may provide the help you need: