Managing cookies in Chrome

Chrome, by default, allows cookies to be set by all websites. We advise installing the “Vanilla Cookie Manager” extension so that you can control which websites can save their cookies on your system. You only really need to allow cookies from sites that you want to interact with, such as sites that you need to log in to for shopping, banking, webmail, facebook, etc.

Installing Vanilla Cookie Manager
  •  Open Chrome
  • Tools > Extensions
  • Click “Get more extensions”
  • In the search box, type Vanilla Cookie Manager
  • In the resulting page, click the “Add to Chrome” button and click Add in the confirmation box.
  • Close the extension tab


How to use Vanilla Cookie Manager

Once this extension is installed, an icon will be added in the right hand side of the address bar, next to the favourites star icon.

VanillaCookieManager - unlisted site
website not in whitelist

Clicking the icon provides a dialog for quickly adding the current site to the  whitelist. It also gives an option to delete unwanted cookies (any that are not related to your whitelist).


website is whitelisted

After adding a site to your whitelist, the diagonal line through the icon disappears, indicating that you have allowed cookies for that website.


Right-clicking the icon provides further options for managing your whitelist.