If you have an internet connection, we can use a secure remote connection to access your computer, which means a fast response to your problem. We use this technique to assist you when you need a little help with your computer skills. Sometimes a fifteen minute session online can save you time and tears! Most tasks are not difficult – it’s just a matter of being shown how.

A few examples of how we’ve helped people with some simple tasks over a remote connection:

Jane – needed help emailing some photos from her camera to a decorator for a quotation. We were able to dial into her computer via a secure VPN connection, and help her locate, rename and save the pictures she was looking for, before transferring them to her computer and emailing them using her normal email program. She was able to watch the entire procedure while we talked it through on the phone, and now feels more confident to do this on her own in the future.

George – had been using MS Word for a long time but someone wanted to collaborate on a document and had left the document with tracked changes enabled, leaving George with “a load of squiggles” asking him to accept or reject changes as well as adding his own. He hadn’t worked with document tracking before but a ten minute remote session was all he needed to understand how to proceed.

Jenny – had spent all day preparing a nine-page spreadsheet using OpenOffice (a free open-source version of Microsoft Office). Everything was fine until it came to printing it – she was having problems with the pagination and headers. Maggie dialled in to her computer and ran her through the page setup and a quick header/footer tutorial.